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Date: 10-11-1953
Language: English
Repository: Petőfi Museum of Literature
Document type: Typed letter
Publisher: Tüskés Anna (30-12-2021)
Folio number: 1

Dear Monsieur Dormandi,

It was kind of Mr. Francis Stuart to suggest that we should act for you. Before we go further into possibilities, I wonder whether you could make quite sure that you yourself, and not Gallimard, control the English language volume rights in your work? It is so much the regular practice of Franch publishers to control these rights: and if they do, we should not be in a position to act for an author over them.

If the position is clear and the rights are yours, perhaps you would have the books sent to me: and I should be glad at the same timet o see the quotation from the Times Literary Supplement to which you refer.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely