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Franco-Hungarian Literary Relations


King Features Syndicate Inc., New York
Date: 11-03-1938
Language: English
Repository: Petőfi Museum of Literature
Document type: Typed letter
Publisher: Tüskés Anna (23-08-2021)
Folio number: 1

Dear Laszlo

Thank you very much for your private letter or March 2nd together with the postage stamps your daughter Judith so kindly sent. I note that your daughter will be thirteen years next September « starting billing date September 16th ». Why didn’t you give me the billing date sooner ? You know this is important to us. I must notify five departments !

Next Sunday my dear Dormandi, I have a son who will be twelve years old, and last Saturday, I had a son who was fourteen years old. By the time these two boys are old enough to be men and in the syndicate business, I am sure that Pantheon Press will be making much money and then maybe I can marry off one of my sons to Judith and retire one the Dormandi millions.

Seriously, my dear Dormandi, right at this moment I have had some distressing news about the mobilization of armies in Europe. I don’t like it. I wonder why these people in Europe cannot proceed along the lines of peace as we do in this hemisphere. It is most unfortunate.

I hope nothing comes of this situation.

With kindest personal regards and best wishes,

Very sincarely yours,

John A. Brogan, Jr.