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Franco-Hungarian Literary Relations


King Features Syndicate Inc., New York
20, Avenue de Breteuil Paris 7e
Date: 17-01-1947
Language: English
Repository: Petőfi Museum of Literature
Document type: Typed letter
Publisher: Tüskés Anna (23-08-2021)
Folio number: 1

Dear Mr. Dormandi :

Thank you very much for your letter of January 2nd about Mr. Ivkovic and also Mr. Timotijevic. I have never heard from Mr. Timotijevic and it may be due, as you say, to Yugoslavia censorship, although I don’t know why countries today need censorship. There’s no war on. We don’t need censorship here or in England and France and we are pretty big and pretty important countries, I would say. Of course, Yugoslavia is under the control of Russia and Russia has a censorship too. I often wonder what those counties are afraid of.

Thanks very much for your letter.

Sincerely yours,

John A. Brogan, Jr.