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Franco-Hungarian Literary Relations


King Features Syndicate Inc., New York
Date: 03-06-1938
Language: English
Repository: Petőfi Museum of Literature
Document type: Typed letter
Publisher: Tüskés Anna (23-08-2021)
Folio number: 1

My dear Ladislas :

I have your letter #2006.

I’m afraid Mr. Winkler did not understand me. I don’t remember giving difinite approval to the change of our Balkan bureau from Budapest to Paris. I hope it will work out. I hope you will be able to handle the territory of Hungary, Yugoslavia, Roumania, Greec and Bulgaria from Paris, and I am willing to co-operate with you and give the idea a try. However, I do think that you should keep a sub-agency of some sort in Budapest. All of your clients, that is, all of your Kingsyn clients know that Pantheon Press is located at Budapest and you ought to keep some protection there.

I am sure, of course, that you will get out an announcement after you establish yourself in Paris, informing all newspapers in the five above mentioned countries where you represent us of your removal to Paris. I am sure of that.

I am going to try to be sympathetic, but there is one point about which I am very determined, Ladislas, and that is that we cannot accept any new business througt your Paris office for the Balkan territory until you get your accounts straightened out. We have wasted too much time on your territory checking accounts, granting credits and a lot of other ideas which are not permitted by our pilicies and regulations. I’m not going to start all over again getting mixed up. The territory isn’t worth it. I would rather have no representative. You will have to get some money to straighten out those questionable accounts before we can approve the change.

When you do get the accounts straightened out, let me know and have Mr. Brown adcise me, and then I will write the letter you request which you may show the French authorities.

Sincerely yours,

John A. Brogan, Jr.