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Franco-Hungarian Literary Relations


King Features Syndicate Inc., New York
Date: 31-03-1938
Language: English
Repository: Petőfi Museum of Literature
Document type: Typed letter
Publisher: Tüskés Anna (23-08-2021)
Folio number: 1

Dear Mr. Dormándi :

I have your private and confidential letter of March 18th. I don’t know what to tell you. Dormándi. Conditions in the United States of America, at the moment, are not favorable. To be perfectly frank and honest with you, it is only during the past three or four months that I personally have started to worry about my own country. We always have been so strong and solid and honest that I have never had anything to fear, but now with politicians running things with a high hand here, I don’t like it. It doesn’t seem like the old democratic America to me.

I do have confidence in the United States and I do believe we will come out of this all right, and I don’t think we have anything to fear like comminusm. Of course, nothing is impossible, but I don’t believe Communism will ever get a foot-hold in this country, but whether it is Communism, Natiism or Fascism, Americans don’t want and don’t like dictators. This country belongs to the individual and not to the government.

Only last night, Dormándi, I made an affidavit to be responsible for a German refugee in this country. I don’t know anything about this man except that I undestand he is a young German medical student.

Maybe I will hear more of your situation from Winkler, as your indicated in your letter.

If there is nothing in Winkler’s office, maybe Bull would hame something for you in one of his bureaux, or even Betts, or perhaps Emanuel. You certainly should know something about the feature business by this time. Maybe Yaffa in Australia or Gray in South America can help you. Why not comunicate whit them. At the present moment, Dormándi, there is nothing open in this office and conditions in the United States have been getting worse than they have been for a long time, in my opinion.

If you do leave Budapest, will Pantheon Press continue ? If you are going to close Pantheon Press, Dormándi, I wish you would tell us and help us secure the service of a successor. I am counting on you to do this.

Sincerely yours,

John A. Brogan, Jr. m.p.