☰ Franco-Hungarian Literary Relations

Franco-Hungarian Literary Relations

Rousselot, Jean

The first encounter between Jean Rousselot and Gyula Illyés took place in Paris at the beginning of the summer of 1956, during the presentation of the book Poèmes (eds Seghers, 1956), a selection of poems by Illyés, translated into French by Gara and adapted by Pierre Seghers.
Rousselot wrote in his article, La poésie dans le monde d'aujourd'hui, published in the July 1956 issue of L'Age Nouveau, that he regrets that Hungarian poetry is so little known in France, while praising the poetic works of Gyula Illyés and Attila József.
In early October 1956, Rousselot was invited to Hungary for two weeks. It is during this visit that is really born the friendship between Rousselot and Illyés.

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